Foam Moulding

Architectural Foam MouldingAs a multi-faceted specialty production and fabrication company, we create custom EPS foam products using state of the art CAD systems, coating equipment and hot wire cutting machines. Weathershield Limited uses the best coatings and finishes available in the industry, such as polyurethane hard shell and acrylic finishes.


This allows us to create custom foam products in any design, style or shape in a wide variety of textures at competitive prices. Weathershield Limited provides on time delivery, custom designs and in-house installers, offering builders and developers an excellent one-stop shop.

Along with consulting and design solutions for architects, designers, builders and developers on all types of residential and commercial construction.

Whatever the size, scope and scale of you fabrication requirements, Weathershield Limited has the facility and capability to build it. Our products have the look and feel of concrete or stone, and are durable, paintable, lightweight and can be installed to any surface, all at a fraction of the cost of wood or pre-cast concrete.

Using skilled CAD technicians and cutting edge software and systems, WeatherShield manufactures consistent and uniform pre-coated structures in a factory controlled environment. Whether based on expanded polystyrene (EPS) or molded urethane, these high quality, lightweight pieces are positioned and installed without the need for heavy lifting equipment, engineered support, or large crews. High density coatings make these pieces rigid, durable, impact resistant and impervious to the weather and outdoor elements. The ultimate result is beautifully crafted architectural components at a fraction of the overall cost.

Weathershield Limited is a manufacturer of high quality architectural Precast Products with a diverse line of products covering a wide range of uses from homeowners and contractors.

  • Columns
  • Balustrades
  • Pier and Wall Caps
  • Fire Places
  • Mantels
  • Bands Moldings
  • Crowns Moldings